9. Составьте специальные вопросы, использу ложенные вопросительные слова. ( The book costs ten roubles. (How much ... ?) 2. They want to buy some toys for children(What.; Who ... for?) 3. Mother wakes Kate up at seven o’clock in the morning. (Whom ... ?, When ... ?) 4. We want to catch the six o’clock train. (What train ... ?)They usually spend their holiday on the Black Sea coast. (Where ... ?), These men go to town every day. (Where ... ?; How often ... ?) Freddy likes to play with his dog. (What... with?) Birds fly to the south in autumn. (Where ... ?; When ... ?) Mr. Priestley always wears dark suits. (What ... ?; How often ... ?) Mary does her work quickly. (How ... ?)

1. How much cost three books? 2. Who want to buy some toys for children? 3. When mother wakes up Kate at seven oclock? 4. What train we want catch...? 5. Where they usually spend their holiday? 6. How often those man go to town? 7. What Freddy like do? 8. When birds fly to the south? 9. What Mr. Priestley do always? 10. How often Mary does her work?

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