Ex. 9. Put "should" or "shouldnt" in the spaces. Translate the sentences into

Russian. Watch the meaning of "should"/"shouldnt".

1. You ... work more; you ... miss the lessons. 2. Mother ... look after their children. 3. What are you doing here? You be in bed. It is very late. 4. That hat doesn’t suit you; you ... buy another. 5. There are too many accidents. Everyone ... be much more careful, 6. You ... have followed the instructions of your coach. Then you would have won the game. 7. Tom was often late and his father told him that he ... wake up earlier. 8. She told her children that they... always say "Please" and "Thank you". 9. It is dark in the room, ... switch on the light.

1. Should, shouldnt.2 should. 4shouldnt 5 Should , 6 Should, 7 Should, 8Should

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